19 Nov

some of the top networking online platforms in recent days is Instagram. An individual is able to have their photos taken. Also one can even apply filters and share them on that online platform. Instagram has another feature of allowing a person to post their videos. This is achieved when having a profile of their own. The creation of a profile involves feeding your personal details such as usernames, email, and many more to mention. After profile creation, you need to add followers and also make your account visible to your followers. Those people who follow your Instagram page are able to view any post you make and make their comments or like the post. They will be able to see your posts on their news feed.  For this reason, view here to learn more info about the latest instagram updates. 

One can access their Instagram pages using various devices that include android devices and mobile phones. It is also possible to aid the access to your Instagram page by the use of a computer web. It is easier to have to upload your photos and videos when using a mobile app. A feature whereby one can post their stories is also available. the stories are only present for a limited time span that does not exceed 24 hours. These stories when posted do not exceed 24 hours. advancement in technology has resulted to the advancement of much features that are used in Instagram. These features are effective in keeping up with friends. Another use is as a marketing tool. It is important to keep reading this article to learn about these features.

Among the amazing features that come with the new Instagram include the added space for archiving videos one might have captured live.  It was not possible to archive a recorded video in the previous version of Instagram.  Retrieving of a video that was done live has become very easy due to the availability of Instagram archives.  Sharing the videos on other platforms after they have been shot and stored in the archives of Instagram is also very possible. Examples of videos one is able to store in Instagram archives include live streams.  The period one is able to access their videos in the Instagram archives is thirty days. For this reason, view here for more info about instagram. 

  Before the videos have completed for thirty days in the Instagram archives, one can download them for storage in their personal space.  Since the use of the latest Instagram version is very easy and does not require one to learn anything if they ever used the previous version, one should read more here and have more info.  Very minimal learning is required for one to operate the website.

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